Bringing dignity to Rickshaw Drivers

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Meet Team SMV 3. Sumit

This week, we’ll hear from Sumit Singh (MIS & Admin) as he remembers the genesis of SMV:


Myself Sumit, I am the first employee of SMV Wheels. When I was joined SMV to start up the work, was not hired on salary basis, rather I was given food and lodging.

At that time I looked after the field work and office work both because those days there was little office work. So I was mobilized full day in the field, and after these things, whenever I got time, I used to do my office work.

We started our work with some little infrastructure (one room office nearby a cemetery (Kabristan). So we had got it in cheap monthly rent. There was one Laptop that was used by Mr. Naveen Krishna, an oldest model of desktop computer (PC) that was used by me.  only two tables,  four plastic chairs, and a folding Bed.

Some of these resources (1PC, 2Table, 1 Bed) was not purchased by the company; they were donated by a gentleman after seeing our passion for this job, and we had taken it because at that time we didn’t have much money to spend on these things.

When the office was closed, I used to stay there at night and used to make my food at office. At the early morning, I woke up and used to make my food before 9:00 AM. before the office day started, I used to put my all stuffs under my folding bed because there were no another kitchen or room there I could keep my stuffs.

Now when I think about those days, I feel pride to be on this stage.
It does not mean that we have reached our goal, it means that we are on the right track to reach our goal, our final destination of becoming the first and best rickshaw company of India. and to serve more more and more rickshaw driver across the India.

We did not lose our patience in those struggling days when we were going through the crucial time.  But this struggle is not over. We have to struggle more and work hard to reach our destination.

I know, and I have trust that me and my team would definitely get it…

Best Regards,

Sumit serves as the MIS Manager. He manages the company’s cash flow, inputs voucher information into the accounting system, and oversees procurement. In his days at SMV he has also collected payments in the field, completed reporting documents, couriered documents, community mobilising, and maintaining bills and vouchers. Sumit is in his second year of his Bachelor degree from Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidya Peeth in Varanasi. He loves to sleep, listen to music, and especially play cricket.